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Course Portfolio Creation & Analysis

Following are the things under this portfolio creation:

1. We will analyse your risk capability.

2.  We will suggest 8-10 stocks as per your risk analysis for 12 months for 25-40% gain per stock.

3.  We will review your portfolio at every 3-4 months & do analysis its performace & rebalance it by suggesting you to sell stocks & buy another good fundamental stocks.

4.  We guarantee you to give positive returns in a year. If you get net loss in a year, we will not charge again untill you will be in positive.

5.  Minimum return you can expect 25-40% in a year. 

6.  After purchasing our services, please mail your detalis like Email ID, Mobile No, List of Stocks currently holding, How much % loss you can bear in a year at info@mntreecapital.com or Whats App at 8800109358

7. One Year Pro+ FREE

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