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Course Intraday & Short Term Trading

The course is for Stocks, Commodity & forex Market Traders & Investors for proper timing the markets. Timing is everything for Day Traders, Swing Traders & Short term Traders for profitable trades. If you know how to enter the trades & how to limit your losses, you can make huge money from the market. Here we will learn how to enter a trade for Intraday, short term trading & tricks for limiting losses.

Course Highlights:

The program covers all the basic Technical Analysis, Basics of Day trading & Short Term Trading Techniques. The program is designed in such a way that any body can learn without any experience very easily. The training is complimented with practical market examples. After learning the course, you will be able to deal with your own investments independent of external aid such as calls, tips, expert opinion, etc. You will discover tools & techniques to find simple Timely Entry and Exit. You will learn the secrets & tricks of Day Trading & Short term Trading. All the secrets are from the 13 years experience & 250 books. Also you will learn how to manage risk and protect your capital.

We guarantee you to make you expert in Chart Reading, Market direction Prediction & how to choose the multibagger stocks by seeing chart. This course will add additional income source in your life. We are teaching practical things what works and what not. You can imagine our Knowledge by seeing our most innovative App Money Tree Robo Pro.

Course Duration: 18 hrs (3 Months)

1. Definition of Technical Analysis

2. Charts

3. Trendlines

4. Support & Resistance

5. Candlesticks Charting

6. Indicators 

7. Oscillators

8. Moving Averages Techniques

9. Price Patterns

10. Price & Volume Techniques

12. Day Trading  Techniques

13. Short Term Trading Techniques

14. Entry, Exit & Stop Loss Techniques

15. Retracement & Elliot Wave Theory

16. Dow Theory

17. Money Management & Trading Psychology

18. Master Trading Rules

19. Support & Teaching Method: 

  1. Lifetime after Support
  2. After doing payment, fix your TIME for ONLINE Class. Whats App your payment details at mobile no 8800109358
  3. Our Package includes 1 Year FREE Money Tree Robo Pro+
  4. Teaching Method ZOOM online Classes



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