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Course PMS services

Hello Users, we have started our PMS services. Following are the details.

1. Minimum capital required 2 Lakh

2. Upfront Charges of 3% of Capital in advance (Minimum Rs.10000) as security money.

3. Profit Sharing 70% yours & 30% ours (70:30).

4. Give your tension to us & you just relax.

5. Stocks selection with the help of Money Tree Robo. NO human interference in selection.

6. Minimum return expectation 25-35% in a year. This is just 5 yr average return. If market support, it may go upto 60-70% in short term & even better than this. 

7. Sharing of profits on realized profit/loss on monthly basis. Brokerages & other charges will be yours.

8. Maximum 8-10 stocks in a portfolio.

9. Gaurantee of capital protection if you are with us for minimum 3 yrs. Before 3 yrs exit, no capital protection scheme.

10. Benchmark return Nifty 500

11. Our unique Money Tree Robo software is our MOAT to deliver consistent return with 100% capital protection.

12. If interested please Whats app "PMS" to 8800109358

13. New year Offer, Portfolio above 3 Lakh, Money Tree Robo App is FREE & 10-15% referal commision.

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