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Salient Features of Open Interest Analysis

1: This feature allow you to find the future stocks which you can go long, short etc.

2: Here you can also find which future stocks are getting unwind and short covered.

3: Here stocks are listed in very easy way to analyse yourself also on the basis of %OI Chg, %Vol Chg, % price Chg etc from previous day and choose the best stocks for the day. Suppose %OI is increasing and %Vol is also highest  along with positive change in previous day among Long Build stock, then it is sureshot BUY Call. Similarly if %OI is increasing and %Vol is increasing along with decreasing stock price, then it is sureshot SELL call. Choose top 3 , %OI ,%VOL & %Chg  gainer/loser and enjoy BUYING and SELLING future stocks with 1.5% intraday Stop Loss.

4. You can sort stocks on the basis of any parameters and analyse. 

5. After doing payment, please close the app and reopen the app to activate paid features & click on "Subscribe" botton to see the feature.


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