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Salient Features of Signal Alert

1: This feature is innovative way of adding your alert for any stock, sector, watchlist & portfolio, Commodity Signal, Signal from Trading Tools, Auto Signal, My Stratigies, Index like Nifty & Bank Nifty alert etc. After adding your option in Signal Alert menu, you will get notification on the Mobile Display.

2. Our reccomendation is add 2-3 signals for Nifty 50 & Nifty next 50 or FNO sector for Intraday Profit. Otherwise add your favourite stocks in watchlist and add that watchlist for alert here. If you find best scan from Auto Signal, add here & get notification.

3. To receive Alerts, first you add your Signal in the Signal Alert page.  Add separate signal for every watchlist, Sector, Portfolio., Stock etc. his is one time job. It is very easy to add & delete. We recommend you keep 2-4 signal. Don't add too many watchlist, sectors, & portfolio. Keep it only 1-3 entries, otherwise you will receive too many alerts with repeative symbols.

4: You will receive your Signal alert like IntradayBuy, JackpotBuy,ShortTBuy/ Sell etc  in the menu " Signal Notification" starting time 9.15am to 15.15pm at every 15 minutes inverval. 

5: After this feature, you don't have to open and see your Jackpot calls in the app. It will come on your mobile screen like other app notification.

6. If you find any issues, logout ,then login.

7. After doing payment, please close the app and reopen the app to activate paid features & click on "Subscribe" botton to see the feature.

8. See Money Tree Robo  you Tube video and add your alert to get alert. Check all videos & learn how to use.


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