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Salient Features of Stock Ideas:

1: This feature will provide different strategies stocks like Warren Buffet style, CANSLIM style, Good Fundamental Style, Value stocks, High Dividend Stocks & many Money Tree Robo strategies etc.

2: All stocks are well researched. Holding period is from 1 Month to 24 months with targets and Stop Loss.

3: Criteria Selection of every strategies are also written in every boxes.

4. Stocks are presented in such a way, you can see here date & time of posting with profit/loss.

5. After doing payment, please close the app and reopen the app to activate paid features & click on" Subscribe" botton to see the feature.

6. Five Model portfolios are coming soon. It will have 6 stocks. It will be selected for 1 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months and 12 months return period. Stocks will be chosen such that overall minimum return of 2% in a month. Means net positive return should come in a month.

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