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Salient Features of My Strategies:

1: This is one of the marvelous feature. You can define your own criteria like Cust Screener & Scan live.

2: You can save & edit criteria, refine your research criteria and scan live daily & EOD. You can apply to any your criteia to any sector so that you can get few results.

3: You can define unlimited criteria in easy way and scan stocks.

4. Stocks are listed with Profit/Loss on the basis of BUY ABOVE prices so that you can see your performance.

5. Buy Above levels are such that if you can buy above this, there is very high chance to get profit same day.

6. Buy Above levels are also given in Technical page of every stocks.

7. After doing payment, please close the app and reopen the app to activate paid features & click on "Subscribe" botton to see the feature.

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