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Salient Features of Trading Tools:

1: It is another best features which allow you to scan live without waiting for our Auto Signal showing stocks.

2: It has more than 90 tools and strategies. It scans stocks live at clcik of a botton. Suppose you want to apply a strategies & want scan from Nifty 50 or FNO stocks Or Nifty 500 etc, you can do it. Means very refined scan only from your selected sector. In Auto Signal, it scan from full NSE stocks.

3: Here you can find Jackpot Calls without any delay.

4. Stocks are listed when predefined refined criteria is met & removed if not met.

5. In Auto Signal, once stocks listed in any boxes, it doesn't deleted if criteia is not met after some time. But here is not the case.

6. Also, more tools are given here which are not present in Auto Signal Live screener.

7. After doing payment, please close the app and reopen the app to activate paid features & click on "Subscribe" botton to see the feature.

8. See you tube video & learn how to use.


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